Access Kenya: Traffic Cameras

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Access Kenya is debateably the face of Kenyan internet services. It recently launched an online traffic camera portal where road users can view real-time updates.The AccessKenya Group offers this product free via their home portal.
traffic camera internet views
These Access Kenya webcams capture real-time traffic feeds and relay them online. The AccessKenya Group is interested in giving the commuter and driver (road users basically) an avenue through which they can get to choose traffic routes that can save them of the usual Nairobi hustle that caused by traffic jams. It has cameras in key areas of Nairobi and Mombasa, with which you can view traffic cameras. Also, the internet road traffic portal has a handy Google maps feature (check out here) where you can pinpoint different locations. Kenyan radio stations have been doing a good job giving road-users traffic updates via KDN cameras, but AccessKenya Group as done an excellent job giving it to them at the touch of a button. This innovation comes at a time ripe for Kenya, promulgation and all. When Kenyan TV Programmes now get all their stuff uploaded on youtube. When Kalasha Awards are aired online in real-time. When Churchill Live content gets digital. When telephone network companies are now preferred Internet Service Providers. When Kenyan Film gets The First Grader.


Access the traffic online portal free, from any camera on these these roads:
Museum Hill/Uhuru Highway Rndbt, Ojijo Rd/Forest Rd Roundabout, Mombasa Road: Heidelberg Bldg, Uhuru Highway/Kenyatta Ave Rndbt, Mombasa Rd: Plaza2000 Bldng, Upperhill/Bunyala Rndbt, Community: NHIF Bldng, Railways Roundabout, Harambee Avenue, Harambee Ave. / Taifa Road junction, Ngong Rd: Ngong Hills Hotel,  Enterprise Rd: Tetra Pak Industrial Area, Uhuru Highway towards Nyayo Stadium, Haile Selassie/Upperhill Road Rndbt, Kenyatta Ave/Kimathi Street, Forest Rd/Limuru Rd Rndbt, Silver Springs Roundabout, City Mortuary Roundabout, Mombasa Rd: Marshalls Bldg, Haile Selassie Ave, Moi Ave: TSS Bldg, Mombasa, Digo Road: TSS Bldg, Mombasa, Argwings Kodhek/Chaka Rd Jnctn, Lusaka Rd: DHL Bldg, Nyayo Rndbt: Uhuru Highway,  Kencom Moi Avenue, Moi Av. Mama ngina St Jnctn, Nat. Archives : Tom Mboya St., C&G Lusaka Road RndAbt via Traffic Cameras on from AccessKenya Group - The Data Experts.
These traffic feeds involve Internet Protocol (IP) cameras that continuously captures traffic movement and transmit the images through the Access Kenya portal, live and in real time. Access Kenya has customized the portal and the updates can be accessed via mobile phone.
Previous Camera Surveillance in Kenya
  • The Kenyan police have had cameras all over Nairobi for quite some now. This is quite troubling as the city criminals, most recently G4S Millionaires, who do not really seem to understand the concept of real-time surveillance keep getting paid.
  • Kenya Data Networks also set-up several such cameras on Nairobi roads with media houses, more specifically their FM stations, checking traffic and informing Kenyans.
"There was a lot of interest generated by the traffic cameras when we showcased them at this year's AccessKenya Africa Concours d'Elegance. The launch of these traffic cameras goes on to further affirm the AccessKenya Group as an innovator and as the data and IT expert in Kenya."
~AccessKenya Group Managing Director, Jonathan Somen.