Disabling Email Notifications from Google+ [How To]

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Google Plus Google+ is awesome, if you count out the pesky amount of spam email notifications received from the social network.

Google+ Email Notifications

Why Google+ Email Notifications Suck

Debate-ably one of the top trending social networks, Google's Google+ is the place to be. This doesn't mean you want to be reminded (via email) every 2 minutes. Here's why your email is so crammed with Google+ updates:
Google+, by default, sends you mail whenever someone.. "Shares a post with me directly", "Comments on a post I created", "Comments on a post after I comment on it", "Adds me to a circle", "Photos of me", "Wants to tag me in a photo", "Tags me in a photo", "Comments on a photo after I comment on it", "Comments on a photo I am tagged in", "Comments on a photo I tagged", or "Starts a Huddle conversation with me".

Disabling Google+ Email Notifications

Google+ Settings
  • Firstly, sign into your Google+. On the top right of your G+ is a gear icon. Click on it, it's the Google Options link. If you click on it, a drop-down list will appear with several G+ options.
  • Click on "Google+ Settings" which will bring you to this Google+ Settings page.
  • On this page you can change; what email the notifications are sent to the notificationsthemselves. You can also edit Google +1 settings and photo and video visibility settings.
  • Go to the "Receive Notifications" part.
  • Go ahead and choose to your liking.
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