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"...The government should go ahead and get petrol and burn down our whole population," said a Turkana elder on KTN's feature The Bullet Doctrine. As graphic as he may have put it, that is exactly what Min for Internal Security George Saitoti as he pushes for their disarmament. With most to all bordering communities still armed, the Turkana people will literally be between a rock and a hard place. The government may be doing this in good faith but if you look at the facts, you'll get a better perception of what lies beneath. Fact number one; as I said, most to all Turkana's neighbours are still armed. Fact two: Kenyan police is just but those two words in the interior, as the Turkana are their only protection. Fact three: Its not like they are  a militia, each family is armed to protect themselves and their most important assets from raids. Fact four: the government is not such a huge fan of looking at the facts.
If the Saitoti really wanted to get the guns out, he should take his security in. Police should be stationed at all borders, otherwise all I see is a powerful system mistreating the common mwananchi. The Turkana are Kenyans and if you count how many have died just because of the inefficiency of the ministry to provide security, you'll wonder where the Kenyan border ends and Turkana begins. Another elder on KTN's Bullet Doctrine  said "..what was it we ever did" When the Karamoja of Uganda enter Kenyan soil, or rather Turkana soil, with the intent of stealing their cattle, Saitoti's mere words will not make the Turkana bulletproof.
If they are cut, they bleed unless they are supposed to watch their own demise with the comfort of knowing they gave away their guns to satisfy someone's sense of security.