Esther Arunga - Hellon is a fake!

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"I would want to ask Kenyans not to attend that church, it is a brothel, the things that go on in that church are shocking," Quincy Timberlake
Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake [Pregnant ~ October issue]
There is no love lost between Timberlake household and their eccentric Pastor Joseph Hellon. Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake (with their baby boy) visited several media houses to give statements as to why they are not happy with this man named Hellon.
Arunga and baby boy Sinclair Timberlake
Almost a year after she was recruited by "The Finger of God", Esther claims that Hellon was a fake and had cast a spell on her. That the Finger of God affair was all a con. This just dawned on her, while a majority of Kenyans had dismissed the whole charade just as it first hit the news, EABL's Tusker Project Fame went as far as dismissing Hellon from their staff.
While it was Hellon who first went to the news claiming that Quincy was a con, seems that the Timberlake family is now making its own news, with a vengeance. Hellon claimed that Quincy had promised him a contract with Pepsi Cola, an interview with CNN's Larry King, an appearance in on of Mel Gibson's movies among other things.
"...a well-planned, elaborate con carried out on me, Arunga, and the Finger Of God congregation," Hellon.
"...Hellon has in the entire time been pretending to be working with high level preachers like Benny Hinn and others by faking emails and instant messages. He has manipulated people and taken advantage of innocent souls by using the name of God. Esther has been a victim of blackmail and torture at the hands of Hellon and is now hunting for a church where she can carry out her faith. She was apologetic to Kenyans and her family for the pain and the agony she caused..." ESTHER ARUNGA: I REGRET MEETING HELLON [Courtesy]
"I joined Finger of God while I was still at KTN and I felt like I was doing God's work and that is why I defended him the way I did," she says. "He was the one who ordered me to date and marry Wilson Malaba whom I later found was not as straight as I thought and ditched him." She says she moved in with Hellon and his wife because she was always doing church work and had planned to leave after a year and it was while there that he took control of her life.
"He turned me against my parents, ordered me to sue them and so many things and I did them because I was under his spell and didn't know what I was doing," she said. "He was also demanding that he be the one to name my baby!"
"I only have one regret, ever meeting Joseph Hellon and all I can ask Kenyans is to forgive me and my husband, we did not know what we were doing and we are very sorry," says Arunga.
She did not meet Timberlake through Hellon she clarified, saying they met in Sydney in 2003 and when they met last year, their friendship took off where they had left and decided to get married. Their marriage certificate shows the two were married by Joseph Hellon at the Finger of God ministries on February 9, 2010. According to Timberlake, the two decided to break ties with Hellon and the Finger of God last November, after they noticed that he was not as clean as he wanted them to believe.
"I would want to ask Kenyans not to attend that church, it is a brothel, the things that go on in that church are shocking," says Timberlake.
Asked why they acted like his stooges the whole of last year, Timberlake says it was because he (Hellon) blackmailed them until they decided to leave in November and they are currently looking for a church.
At the moment, they are trying to give their son a normal upbringing and shelter him from all the chaos that have become their lives.