Facebook: Log in as Page

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Facebook has revamped Pages with a new "Log in as Page" feature. The new Pages design gives Page Admins the flexibility and functionality of normal users. Early December last year, Facebook accidentally revealed the new design only to revert back to the old Pages.
Facebook Pages Re-Design
Basically, the new Facebook Pages Design was developed with new Facebook user profile design in mind.

FACEBOOK PAGES - The New Features:

Firstly, the "Log in as Page" Feature: On the top-right Account tab is an option for "Use Facebook as Page". On clicking this, a pop up appears listing your pages and you can select which to log in as. On logging in, the Pages profile page comes on, on much similar to the Facebook user profile page. Facebook Pages Profile [What's New]: The profile page has been tweaked to what Facebook users are familiar with. Photos are now featured at the top of the page. Application tabs, which where at the top, have been moved to the left, just below the profile photo. Notifications, just like in user profiles show latest user interaction with your page or posts; likes, comments... Search, helps you look for related pages and "like them" but as a page. Home, the Home tab displays feeds from pages you like, whereby you can like and even comment, as a page. You can switch back to your user account simply by going to the Account tab, then selecting "Switch back to..." On the right hand panel, instead of Recommended Friends, it displays Recommended Pages. A list of pages followed by most of your followers. A handy feature to getting Pages you're likely to 'like' just click on the "See All" option. Pages, however, do not have all the privileges of user accounts. You can not comment on a user's wall or leave comments on a user's update. Unless, of course, the user has included everyone in their privacy settings. This Facebook Pages design is optional till March 10, 2011 when Facebook automatically switches all pages to the new design.