Huawei Ideos: Android Gadget Review

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Safaricom unveiled the Huawei Ideos phone back in January with an immense media ad campaign. The cheapest Google Android smart-phone on the Kenyan market at Kenya Shillings. 8,499 (just over $100). From TV, papers, even SMS, Ideos soon became the Kenyan must-have mobile device. What's all the fuss about? Well, that's what this post will find out.
Huawei Ideos with Google Android OS

Why You should Buy the Ideos:

Internet Connectivity:

Out of over 6 million internet users in Kenya, 2 out of 3 connect through their mobile phones, hence connectivity is chief. With 3G capabilities of speeds of up-to 7.2 Mbps, this Google Android handset lives up to the hype providing a platform capable that can handle the fastest mobile speeds in Kenya. The Huawei Ideos phone can also be converted into a Wi-Fi hotspot connecting up-to 8 wireless devices.

Huawei Ideos – Phone Specifications:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth; Wi-Fi - 802.11n ; Internet – 3G HSPDA
  • Operating System: Google's Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo)
  • Display:  240 x 320 pixels, 2.8 inches ; Touchscreen;
  •              Auto-rotate, proximity sensor, swype input method
  • Size: Dimensions - 104 x 54.8 x 13.5 mm; Weight - 102.1 g
  • Memory: Internal - 200 MB storage, 256 MB RAM, 512 MB ROM; MicroSD – upto 32GB
  • Multimedia:  Camera – 3.15 MP, Geo tagging; MP4/H.263/H.264, Adobe flash supported
  • Features:  GPS supported– Google Maps Location Finder; FM Radio; 
                3.5 mm jack (yes, headphones!!); Stylish Design

Features you will love:

A brilliant GPS capability that will blow your mind. Auto-location; Automatically pinpoint your location on the map. Find favorite spot; Locations all around Nairobi (and Kenya) already in the Google Maps are neatly placed on the map. Just point and you get the precise directions to the favorite hotel... Also helps find ATMs, Petrol Stations, and other facilities near you.  Loads of applications for the Android platform; From Facebook for Android, Twitter for Android, a really fluid Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail... And Google Android Market [with over 60 apps] other applications. Safaricom Offer: Free 600 MB Data bundle, plus an extra 1000/= credit!

Where Ideos Lets you Down:

  • Battery Life: An excellent phone that has nothing to good to write about its battery. Short battery life, Huawei could do so much better. However, such brilliant performance phones almost always have short battery lives.
  • Safaricom: Being the Kenya's telecommunication giant, Safaricom's prices are nothing short of a scam. From overpriced bundle charges, ridiculous call rates, to unfathomable data rates, Safaricom always proves that it can stoop even lower. The gist is, after the 600MB free bundle is over, your Ideos will leak you credit like you've never seen. No vendetta here, just that with Safaricom's unworldly pricing, you'll soon be without internet, and...
...without the internet, Ideos is nothing but a really expensive camera-phone.
  • Display: Does not have the crystal-clarity of superior Android smart-phones, but it is quite okay.
  • Touchscreen: The touchscreen can be a real pain. The keys are so close you'd think they 're strategically placed to mess up your text message. But with time, you catch on.
  • Network: Most users complain about its network. It , for no reason, seems to loose network connection.