Kenya Police Website Hacked

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Kenya Police Website Hacked
A yet unidentified hacker had a field day with the Kenya police website.The hacker placed the message on the website's homepage, the other pages were functioning just fine. His work would have gone unnoticed had Larry Madowo not spotted it and tweeted it into cyber-stardom. This picked up  Kenyan top trending #kenyapolicepassword where tweeps tried to guess the police password.


not again! This is not the first time the site has been hacked. Other Kenyan administration websites have also been host to such malicious activities. Many government sites are subject to hackers and wannabes. "Am Back. Can't Stop me...We can do this all night"
Just when the website Administrator got a hold of his system and restored it, the hacker got in again and left the message "Am Back. Can's Stop me". The Admin did his thing again and another message was back "We can do this all night."
"Stop the fuss you are not a real hacker! The site is un-protected!"
Another hacker had to step in and help the poor web-admin with the message. "OK. Its not that big a deal! :P"  This was the last message displayed before the site went back up. Note to Kenyan Govt: It does get any sadder than seeing a bunch of guys chatting on your website homepage. Style up. Also, How most hackers hack into websites ~ Common techniques.