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Over the past few months, #KenyansOnTwitter have had their Twitter take a flight of  global proportions. Claiming a spot in the worldwide Top Trending is not a small feat, and doing it twice in consecutive weeks was quite the statement.This considering the entire African Region is really not highlighted by Twitter.
Kenya Tweets (@Kenya_Tweets) has been tracking  #KenyansOnTwitter  for nearly four months now. Over this time, they have refined their algorithms and track the over 13,000 Twitter users in Kenya. Kenya_Tweets published the first ever Kenyan Twitter Report: A001 (get it here).  An in-depth look into Kenya's Twitter-sphere based on nearly 10,000 Kenyan Twitter accounts. From Registrations, Geographic and Professional Distributions...

Kenyans on Twitter and Trending Topics

Trending Topics are the topics that are being talked about most on Twitter. Tweeps (Twitter users) can check out a trending topic on the local region they are in, except Africa and some other parts. These topics are what most tweeps are tweeting (Twitter update) about. #Rutoplaylist and #kcpe2010 were recent Topic Trending topics from Kenya that hit the international charts. #Rutoplaylist topic was started by @SupremeGream #KCPE2010 by @ki_bet
This year also saw @RafikiKenya's début of Miss Twitter Kenya contest. Details
Top Kenyan Twitter Topics:
#kenyansontwitter, #tpf4, #Churchilllive, #swawed, #xyzshow
Kenya News on Twitter:
@News_Kenya, @KTNKenya, @ntvkenya, @CapitalfmKenya, @dailynation, @WestFMKenya Follow me on Twitter: @peteretelej