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Pata Manga is an application I wrote that fetches manga from various sites and downloads them to your PC. It picks all pages for a chapter you want, organizes and renames them accordingly and places them into folders in your computer
Pata Manga is a small stand-alone application, that requires neither purchase or registration to access your favorite manga. It is freeware and comes as a ready-to-use portable application that will allow you to download any and all of your favorite manga.
Pata Manga Portable
A portable Windows application that allows you to freely access and download manga.
A Japanese genre of comic books/ graphic novels, such as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Gantz

How to use Pata Manga Portable

  • Download Pata Manga v0.6 here
  • Go to your downloads folder and unzip the application, just right click and use Window's Extract All
  • You should be able to get the application file (as in image below)
  • Double Click to run to the program
  • A windows command prompt window should open, takes about a second or two.
  • Type in the manga you'd like to download the name and chapter separated by a comma. For example if you want to download One Piece chapter 676, just enter One Piece, 676
  • You can enter the name in upper case, or lower or titled; any works.
  • You can put a space before of after the comma; also works. Just remember the comma, it's important.
  • Press Enter
  • Now sit back and watch the magic happen, or you can minimize the screen. Depending on your windows or firewall settings, it may ask for permission to access the internet, duh.
  • After a few minutes, depending on your internet speed; it should tell you that it's completed, or if not, what went wrong.
  • It stores all downloaded manga to the folder: C:Pata Manga
In the Pata Manga folder you'll find a Read Me text file with a few more tips on using Pata Manga. For example you can switch Manga Hosts if you can't find your Manga on the first try. If a Manga did not complete downloading, you can always re-download the same manga, Pata Manga is intelligent enough to figure out what pages it already downloaded and pick up from there.


  • Compatibility: It works on Windows 32bit and 64 bit. I've personally tried and tested it on Windows XP 32 bit, Windows 7 64bit and Windows 8 32bit.
  • Installation: No installation, it just runs.
  • Size: It is less than 5MB in size. I had at first designed a graphical user interface but the application ended up at 30MB, making me get rid of the GUI and saving myself both code and space.
  • Powered by: I wrote Pata Manga purely in the Python language.


    • Pata Manga 0.6 (May 30, 2014)
      • Changes the default Manga source to mangareader
      • Download (Dropbox)
    • Pata Manga 0.5 (Sept 29, 2013)
      • Changes the default Manga source to mangaeden
      • Download (Dropbox)
    • Pata Manga 0.4 (Jan 26, 2013)
      • Introduces multiple chapter downloads. Allows you to download a range of chapters at once (e.g One Piece, 200-250)
      • Download (Dropbox)
    • Pata Manga 0.3
      • Does not open Pata Manga Folder automatically in Windows Explorer
      • Automatically closes Pata Manga when Download completes
      • Download (Dropbox)
    • Pata Manga 0.2
    • Pata Manga 0.1 (the oldest one)here


  • Why is it not downloading when I enter the manga and chapter?
    • Allow Pata Manga access to the internet in your firewall/antivirus settings. Or you can temporarily disable your firewall as you download.
  • How can I download more than 50 pages?
    • Get Pata Manga v 0.2 or above. Then when it asks you to enter the manga and chapter, type in no  - it should then provide options for setting maximum number of pages, changing the manga website to download from, downloading multiple chapters (in version 0.4+)
  • How can I donate to show my support?
    • If you're feeling generous, please send a donation to any charitable organization of your choice. Because giving is awesome. 
If you get and use this application please send me some feedback or ideas you have  @peteretelej on twitter or via the comments section below.