POWO, BAKE and @Blogs_Kenya Communities

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@Blogs_KenyaBased on an analysis on the Kenyan Blogosphere via BlogsKenya's Archive, these are the most common Kenyan blog niches/topics: creative writing (poetry and literary writing), fashion and lifestyle, technology, photography, personal and business.

Kenyan Blogging Communities

Kenyan bloggers write a lot of content, with the blogs featured on @Blogs_Kenya publishing over 1200 posts last month alone. When starting out, you may find it hard to get readership or returning visitors to your blog. That's where POWO, BAKE and @Blogs_Kenya can help. These are communities of sorts that, as a blogger, will improve your writing, viewership and connect you to like-minded bloggers.

POWO - Poets and Writers Online

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POWO (Poets and Writers Online) is a forum for poetry and creative writers. The main agenda behind is maximizing the internet, as their writing platform, for promotion and exposure. An important goal, behind POWO, is getting it's member writers published and recognized for their literary content.
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BAKE - Bloggers Association of Kenya

BAKE was created by a group of Kenyan bloggers to promote local online content. Check out: the BAKE website. Follow @Bake_Ke

@Blogs_Kenya and BlogsKenya.com

BlogsKenya has an objective much like POWO and BAKE. I started @Blogs_Kenya as a way to get updates from my favorite bloggers in an aggregated yet organized way. Then I saw a really big gap between excellent Kenyan bloggers and exposure; great blogs with little readership. Anyway, using Blogs Kenya, I try to help Kenyan bloggers connect to a wider audience.
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