Safaricom Unlimited Internet Fails [Updated]

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Since this post was written a while back, I decided to make some corrections, just to be fair to Safaricom. Anyway, a few Safaricom offers have come and gone since this post, noteably:
Safaricom re-introduced its Unlimited Data Bundles offers at 500 Kbps:
  1. Daily Unlimited (24hrs) at 200 bob
  2. 3 days (72hrs) at 500 bob
  3. Weekly at 1000/=
  4. Monthly at 3000/=
To subscribe dial *544# then proceed with: 4. Data Bundles  -> 98 -> 12. Unlimited Data Bundles. Then select your poison.

Update Safaricom has discontinued its Unlimited Internet. Unlimited Internet options are still offered by Orange and Airtel

Reasons to keep Your Safaricom line for just MPESA

  • safaricom's internet bundles:

    These bundles, which include bamba unlimited, are the most expensive as compared to market rivals Zain and as compared to the insanely cheap Yu (50 bob Unlimited internet). While Yu is cheap because of its slow speed, Zain is considerably fast (also Orange) yet somehow much cheaper. NB: Zain 3G bundles will be rolling out soon.
  • safaricom's bamba unlimited con:

    Safaricom has launched a massive online campaign for this service. Just google "Safaricom Internet" you'll get a Bamba Unlimited advert stating 'Get Unlimited monthly Internet for as little as KSh33 per day'. The main problem with this ad is that: it is a big lie. For 999/= you get 300MB worth of data (at 3G speed) for the month (and the rest of the month at killer slow speed) and even though SafariCon assumes its clients can't read, 300mb is, in no way, unlimited. When you purposely cut your speed to ridiculously low levels, don't claim to offer unlimited internet - not cool. Seriously, this offer was already on, with exactly the same prices. All this while rivals Yu offer honest Unlimited (no limits) internet at the same rate.
  • safaricom #544 internet bundles:

    This was Safaricom's best offer yet (10MB for 8 bob). It, however, came with a catch, you could only use the bundle on your mobile phone. This offer is also quite intelligent, if you always clear the 8 bob, it cuts the 8 shillings but does not activate the 10MB. Personally, this has happened to me for 4 consecutive days.
    • ~ They've reintroduced their unlimited data rates at cheaper prices.
    • ~ The bundles have a large option of choices to choose from.
  • safaricom's Masaa ya Kubamba

    ... Safaricom is Safaricom because of the Bamba 10, bamba 20 and Bamba 5 airtimes. They were perceived as the network for the poor and low-spenders. Now she has gone to Westlands a few times and hanged out with ballers and she no longer values the small person. The small person now gets PUNISHED for topping up using small units...Zain and YU on the other hand, welcome us all with open-arms and open-legs irrespective of our pocket size. Size does not matter to them. It is the thought that counts... As seen in 5 Reasons why Safaricom is driving people inZain on Thus Spaketh Idd Salim
    Plus - the Masaa ya Kubamba offer completely does not think that credit loaded via MPESA is your money and you are charged higher rates as if they gave your the airtime free. safaricom's Okoa Jahazi
    They should call this product Tuna shylock, at 10% interest for 3 days this is a ridiculously expensive product, and the fact that it works sometimes makes it a huge #fail as an "emergency credit" product... As seen in  10 Things I hate about Safaricom on Startup Kenya
  • safaricom's Bonga Points; Redeeming

    A really raw deal from Safaricom. The value of your bonga points varies Monday, Tuesday, April, August.  The Free Modem reward is 2000 Bonga Points on January, 3000 on February , 2000 March, 5000 when you'll need it. Also when you redeem Bonga Points as MBs of Data, it is locked and you can NOT use this to connect via modem. This I personally tried and proved true.
  • safaricom's Computer, Mobile and Accessories "offers"

    Yesterdays newspaper had a page where advertised where Laptop Computers which Safaricom claimed were on an offer of theirs. A Core2duo 4GB at 90,000, that is no offer my friend; Get cheaper quality computers at Dave-tech or Bestsell Electronicson Kimanthi House. Even their modems are a big con at 3000 while Yu is at 1499. Seriously just buy Yu and check out how to unlock your modem here.
  • safaricom Customer care

    Sure, if you want to confirm the bizarre claims on this post, just call Safaricom Customer Care...The reason you will not even try this: Safaricom. It seems their customer care representatives are trained in the dark arts of answering clients without picking up . P.S  If Safaricom had the courtesy of treating Kenyans with at least a modicum of respect, then maybe people would stop migrating to customer-friendly Zain and Yu.