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A survey, courtesy of @Wamathai, gives an insight into how most Kenyans use the internet. Dubbed, The Online Kenyan Survey, it gives the average age, income, gender, occupation and online habits of Kenyans online.
Survey - The Online Kenyan [Occupation]

The Online Kenyan Survey - Results

While you can read and/or download the results online here: The Online Kenyan Survey, I'll go ahead and write a bit on what caught my interest. By the way, all data courtesy: www.wamathai.com [check out the site].

Demographics - The Statistics

59% of Kenyans online are male, 41% female. When it comes to age, the highest number of online Kenyans is between the ages of 20-25 who account for 54% of all internet users. Also high is the percentage of Kenyans online with earnings below 25,000 p.m [40%]. More broken down stats available on the survey.

Kenya's Online Habits

The most common uses of the internet in Kenya are; checking emails (91% of Kenyans online) and social media (94% of Kenyans online) - with the least number of Kenyans using it to buy products. Twitter and Facebook were the most liked social media platforms in Kenya with LinkedIn and Foursquare slowly lagging behind. Which reminds me, check out this hilariously funny video: The Roast of Facebook. Anyway, back to it, I was surprised to see that a large percentage of Kenyans have blogs with a fair amount of blog readership. 80% of users have attended events and/or bought products advertised online.

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Afrinnovator, back in January, wrote a post on the Facebook phenomenon in Africa - Facebook's impact in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa.
The plain fact from a basic review of the numbers is that Africa’s Facebook population is growing steadily, it will probably be a while before a plateau is reached and growth slows down or even starts to take a dip.This is because Africa generally has a very large number of people who are not yet on the internet. - An analytic view via Afrinnovator
In the post Afrinnovator also alluded to the TNS Research International’s DigitalLife Survey results on Kenya's urban population, also worth checking out. Moses Kemibaro, back in December, wrote about Facebook in Kenya and its 1 million users.

The Online Kenyan Survey Read Online

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