The Kenya Open Data Initiative (KODI)

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The Kenya Open Data Initiative is the first of it's kind in sub-Saharan Africa. KODI will, hopefully, bring a new age of transparency to Kenya, and for Kenyans. The Open Data Initiative, aims to provide government information, in digital form, published on the internet and easily accessible to all.
Kenya Open Data Initiative at: The Kenya Open Data Initiative
The Open Data Initiative will see the Kenyan government make available government data for free and easy access, sharing and dissemination among the Kenyan wananchi.

What exactly is Open Data?

By law, the government makes public certain information for free access and sharing. In the past (B-KODI, Before KODI), this information was available as PDF documents in archives and/or government offices. That, however, is not open data. For information to qualify as "Open Data", it has to be easily accessible, by the larger public through; search engines, gadget-compliant formats, third party apps et cetera. In short, open data can be accessed anywhere, by anyone, at anytime.

The Open Data Portal:

KODI will run on the Socrata platform; the leading international provider of Open Data services; that enable federal, state, and local governments to dramatically improve the reach, usability and social utility of their public information assets.
Data sets are categorized into 6 main categories: Education, Energy, Health, Population, Poverty and Water & Sanitation. It includes data from the national census, the ministry of education, ministry of health, CDF projects and many more. ~ via Whiteafrican : Africa’s First National Open Data Initiative: Kenya

About Kenya's Open Data Portal []

This site makes public government data acessible to the people of Kenya. High quality national census data, government expenditure, parliamentary proceedings and public service locations are just a taste of what's to come. There's something for everyone: maps to start exploring, interactive charts and tables for a deeper understanding, and raw data for technical users to build their own apps and analyses. Our information is a national asset, and it's time it was shared: this data is key to improving transparency; unlocking social and economic value; and building Government 2.0 in Kenya. ~ Read more about Kenyan Open Government Data Portal