Top Portable Applications

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Top 10 Portable Applications

MUST-HAVE applications for your USB Flash disk, mem card and any other portables you use. These is a list of some of the most essential apps. Several review sites offer more extensive and detailed lists of even more great applications/ this is my all time favorite list:
VLC Player [Media Player] VLC is a free media player, encoder and steamer. It's powerful and quite handy has it play s most video formats. I like the fact that its volume goes to 400%.
Lightscreen Portable [Capture screen] Capture an image of your screen, a window, or an area. This is an awesome tool unless you are using Windows 7 which has its own 'snipping tool'. Win 7's version is much better as it also enables you to select an area in free-form. 7-Zip Portable [Compression] A neat pack, if regularly use machines without archive handlers. It'll help with compression and unzipping of archives' Firefox Portable [Browser] For that cyber that hasn't installed Firefox yet. Or if you just want an extra Firefox to install other addons on.  Carry the best browser in your flash disk. Coolplayer+ Portable [Music Player] A really light music player capable of playing most audio formats. Notepad++ Portable [Programming] Program on the go. GIMP Portable [Image editing] Get a 'Photoshop studio' on your flash drive. Edit you images with Portable Apps Home: HERE


Some of my personal Favorites: FoxitPDFReader, Utorrent, CCleaner, Skype... [among others]. Do Check it Out.