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KCSE 2010 - Results

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KCSE 2010 Results - Poor Performance

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KCSE 2011 Results Analysis

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The 2011 <abbr title="Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education">KCSE</abbr> results had an underdog school top the charts as Maranda rose to claim the first position. Here's an analysis of the facts and figures pertaining the 2011 KCSE results. <b>G

KCSE 2014 Results and Analysis

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The KCSE 2014 results were released by Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi on 3<sup>rd</sup> March 2015 at Mitihani House Nairobi. <h2>How to Get KCSE Results</h2> Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education 2014 Results are accessible to candi

KCSE Results 2011

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The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education 2011 results were released on Wed 29<span style="font-size: 0.8em; vertical-align: text-top;">th</span> February 2012. Read the <a title="KCSE 2011 Results Analysis" href="